This produces a chance for both in order to satisfy again and brings out a complex and you can tortuous love-hate relationship

This produces a chance for both in order to satisfy again and brings out a complex and you can tortuous love-hate relationship

Suspense, Offense, Crisis Dilraba Dilmurat, Tong Dawei, Gao Xin An enthusiastic Ni, an experienced college student regarding a popular rules college or university, try allotted to the new mysterious 4th Prosecution Agency immediately after joining new Prosecutors Workplace. Faced with of numerous tough the cybercrime circumstances, she and her other prosecutors pinpointed the brand new violent clues and you can were able to utilize its prosecutorial skills. With the full cooperation of lead of one’s Criminal Study Company, He Luyuan, they may find the brand new candidates along side border, discover specifics, last but most certainly not least arrested the suspects one-by-one. The prosecutor, An Ni, helps to make the candidates confess on the crimes which have an excellent legal prosecution, appearing this new reliability off feminine public prosecutors on brand new point in time.

Simply Harm You

Metropolitan, Relationship, Friends Wang Haoxuan, Song Meina Young and beautiful comical singer Zhong Ling, so you’re able to beat their particular son Kele’s congenital all forms of diabetes, requires Kele back to the town she remaining half dozen years ago after breaking up together ex-boyfriend Han Donglai. Unexpectedly, Kele gets shed and you can accidentally experiences a person exactly who seems really just as the man often looking in her own mother’s drawings, Han Donglai. Kele mistakenly believes they are his dad which is removed back to help you Han Donglai’s workplace. Because they meet once again, it be entangled again because of Kele’s genuine name and you will infection. On one-hand, Zhong Ling’s buddy Chu Mo has-been a well-known movie star throughout the new half dozen decades she is actually out, and his recommendation assisted adapt their own comic on the a show, which makes Han Donglai jealous and you can secretly look at the. As well, Zhong Ling’s get back drives Lin Xiaxi, who has usually seriously adored Han Donglai, crazy and you may encourages their to get payback within the wonders. That is Kele’s physiological father? Have a tendency to for the last like features the opportunity to remain?

Hope away from Allegiance

Historical, Wuxia, Action Zhang Yunlong, Chen Ruoxuan From the third 12 months of the Jianwen era, Wang Kegong out of Jinan brought his money in order to Nanjing. Li Wu, a little thief out of Ji’e Way, stole title card away from Li Dongfang, a frontrunner of one’s Purple Shields, and you will sneaked on Wang Kegong’s residence towards the dream of taking treasures and you may to get steeped at once. Yet not, there are undetectable currents within the Kegong’s residence, and you can Li Wu try pushed on challenging across the Yuming Lock, and therefore related to firearms about earlier dynasty. Li Wu, who had been to start with an enthusiastic outsider, turned into who owns the Yuming Lock and you may was caught when you look at the the middle of the new vortex. As the children, Tune Zhen, whom saved Li Wu from prison, has enroll in the brand new Purple Shields, and then he and you may Li Wu is acquaintances that do maybe not admit each other. Shu Tang, a beneficial girl who was immediately following imprisoned with Li Wu Norveççe gelin, has-been an assassin and you may spy, and you may she and you may Li Wu are particularly an effective spy few, collaborating accomplish the missions. New darkness and you will cruelty of your own political fight set the dating into the attempt. In the event the minute out-of changes of the dynasty happens, all the fights and you may unresolved secrets may come in order to a finish.

Bride’s Payback

Romance, Crisis Wei Tianhao, Qu Mengru, Dai Gaozheng Ye Qinglan, the fresh ded of the former young grasp of the Mu family relations and you may becomes a hesitant fiance, and you may takes a number of revenge.

I Belonged with the Community

Romance, Dream, Family relations Judy Qi, Liu Yitong, Jerron Wu Qi Yue, an earlier girl without ambition, out of the blue gets an alert about her future life of their particular ” falling” young man Qi Shuo 1 day, that is forced to carry on the trail of your own “Scrappy Old Mom Sales Venture”. While you are upgrading herself from the inside, Qi Shuo assists their in her journey in order to chase shortly after Lu Xiao, brand new charming talented beginner, causing a witty and you can white-hearted romantic facts.

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