The third page: A spouse is a spouse

The third page: A spouse is a spouse

Mary, I am thus sick of my girlfriends resting doing our home all now! However, We remain my personal tale. 2-3 weeks passed pursuing the matchmaking – our mothers debated regarding dowry. I didn’t determine if they’d debated for real, however, in any event, it’s unbecoming to possess Russians to help you rush through the process of dating. Ultimately, my mommy started making preparations me personally into the fiance-inform you.

The afternoon was available in springtime. Leshka along with his mothers very first cruised within their carriage, decorated which have bells and you will yellow ribbons, along the village (so you’re able to prevent evil morale), last but most certainly not least, concerned our house. This time, I first spotted Leshka inside the most useful outfits, his hair combed meticulously, and just how fair, how handsome are he! Their parents inspected the house, barns, all of our lawn, praising my father getting his wisdom and frugality. Next, our very own fathers slapped hands for the arrangement, got away an enormous metal secure, locked it and put aside the primary, giving the secure for the newly weds for safekeeping. The arrangement is now done, and that i decided to go to tell my girls it is the right time to collect getting a devichnik.

I’m so tired of this type of solemn process!

The next day, it’s a week you to definitely they have been being right here. Only yesterday, new girls took me to the bathhouse and you will washed myself, since if I was an effective corpse – indeed, it is symbolic of me perishing just like the an unmarried girl being reborn while the a bride. It done haunting audio and you can poured water it clean me which have external about the fresh bathhouse, in which the worst morale live. It separated my personal enough time, dense braid on the two brand new ones, which means now, one to braid is actually for me together with other a person is to own my coming offspring.

In the evening, Leshka along with his dudes appeared, intoxicated and you may jolly – recently, these include with an effective bachelor group. However, the guy accumulated himself and you will provided me with and you will my personal girls quick gifts – appreciate tin rings, chocolate, tresses combs and ribbons. Forgive me personally, I want to become this page and you may get to sleep. The marriage is the time immediately after the next day – very I shall establish to you personally shortly after. I can’t understand the creating through the tears. It actually was absolutely good only to getting an effective carefree girl…

But my personal dated grandmother was pleased we try everything because the it absolutely was carried out in the days gone-by

Mary, I am sorry to your reduce. Just done most of the my tasks, and this normally feature cleaning the domestic, spinning yarn, or other circumstances, as needed – I’m a complete-big date spouse today, therefore i took this short break to type for your requirements when you are Alexey moved to the fair, once the he’s a great counterman in his dad’s steel and you may metal shop inside our city.

The wedding started early in the brand new morning. I happened to be preparing to meet up with the guests within my mother’s wedding gown (better, our very own grandmother wore they, also, to her very own marriage) – the most amazing clothe themselves in the fresh town, they say! The wedding procession showed up with like appears! All of the their members of the family, relatives, household members searched – some of them to the horseback, certain within their wagons and you may carts, crowding the latest greater main road of our town. Leshka’s family relations rode upfront, shouting, some of them blowing horns to push away animals, beggars, and ready to overcome anybody who dares get across the new procession’s method. The only one who was allowed to do so are my personal mother, who stood next to a thicker record, clogging the way to our very own entry.

No eventually did the procession go into the turf than just Leshka themselves presented my mother and father having a large jar of fermented honey and you can around three package of one’s purest moonshine the guy and his awesome dad made – the marriage ransom money. Then, I sat within his carriage and we lead towards chapel plus our parents, while most of your parade rode to Leshka’s family, where the desk was already loaded with an informed food and you will items you can imagine…

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