This chaperoning suppresses both out of engaging in sex ahead of matrimony

This chaperoning suppresses both out of engaging in sex ahead of matrimony

Malume an excellent mwamuna: Ife tachokera m’mudzi wa Kaanyenda ku Mchinji, tambalayu ndi mwana wa a great Banda, ndipo ine ndi malume wake, awa ndi good malume ake ang’ono. Tele nkhani yomwe tabwelera ndi ya msoti umene tambala wathuyi wapeza m’mudzi wanu uno.

Following the team throughout the mans top makes new introductions making obvious the aim of the see, the latest girl’s brother temporarily leaves the latest discussion on keep and you will goes off to phone call the latest girl. New girl is not an element of the first conversation up to their bro possess named their particular to be establish. The students man, too, despite getting an element of the group, remains silent in the discussion. Just their bro does all speaking.

In the event that girl goes into the space where in fact the talks is bringing set, her brother requires the team throughout the man front side when the she is one he could be these are. In the event that the woman is the main one, the newest girl’s buddy after that requires their own in the event the she as well as knows the fresh new individuals from the fresh new mans group. So far, the latest involvement have a glance at the weblink was accepted because of the uncles off either side.

No matter what, the man is meant to end up being registered because of the his brothers otherwise fellow childhood locally. Similarly, the fresh new girl is supposed to end up being followed closely by their friends whenever visiting the man.

This new girl needs to describe where it found and you can establish if she will abide by the latest from the mans top, especially the guy, that it’s good they own exposed regarding their dating and also have lead it to help you eni mbumba , and that culturally is great

Mostly, the 2 go to one another on Sundays. The guy is usually entered of the about two of his brothers, since the girl likes their unique sisters or family members with respect to the state. The two talk in the an unbarred room. This new girl helps to ensure that she makes dining for their own people in addition to individuals who will have adopted your to see her. New hospitality is additionally reciprocated whenever she check outs the guy.

Throughout their dating, the man isn’t allowed to check out the girl’s household by yourself; none is the girl permitted to visit the guy by yourself

“Malume ake an effective M’nyamata” (boy’s uncles) and you can “Malume an excellent Mkazi” (girl’s buddy) see at latter’s homestead to kick-start the latest certified relationships procedures.

Because the relationships grows up, while the a couple of have on the annually to find married, ankhoswe ( intermediaries ) satisfy to organize the marriage procedure. As part of the ilies, from azakhali (aunt), inform brand new girl’s parents additionally the people’s mothers correctly. Very first, moms and dads are scared, especially in regards to the decisions of the potential romantic partner of its child otherwise young buck.

Since the parents was told of your marriage offer, their viewpoints outlines the following strategies of the wedding procedure. Once talking to the parents, “Azakhali” requires the brand new feedback with the uncles, who after that arrange a different interviewing the new suitor’s uncles.

Within handling such worries among mothers, the person is required to spend a couple days at home to his do-become parents-in-law spending so much time, engaging in most of the nearest and dearest errands to show their possible during the elevating its dwini , a guy whom works from the girl’s parents’ house planning to wed new girl and feature their possibility to raise its child. The person participates in lots of household tasks, together with farming, google search, and you may while making units usually made use of from the domestic, elizabeth.g., mats. Chikamwini is more such as for example a beneficial probation months as mothers assess in the event the the guy would be able to maintain its daughter, especially feeding and you will putting on a costume their unique. Furthermore, this really is an opportunity for the mother and father to comprehend the latest conclusion of the young buck.

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