She responses their particular rivals dramatically, can make conclusion quickly, and you can dislikes wasting go out

She responses their particular rivals dramatically, can make conclusion quickly, and you can dislikes wasting go out

Avksentieva wears female gowns, states she actually is not a beneficial feminist, as well as takes pleasure within the describing that “characteristics in itself created [both women and men] to be various other.” She says women can be “emotionally advanced” but offer quicker efficiently having mental decisions and you will proper believe. Still, the gran by herself appears to be a full time income refutation of those stereotypes: she can memorize a huge quantity of preparations and analytics during the various divisions of city’s benefit. Just after bringing up “ladies’ nature” once again, she become laughing: “My better half constantly attempts to train me not to ever lean on phrases such as for example ‘I believe,’ ‘I do not need,’ and you may ‘Needs.’ He says, ‘Don’t speak by doing this. You’re not a little girl more – you will be the fresh new mayor.’”

“One of many of these guys, you will find a woman that will offer any guy in order to their knees. That is they? About three guesses. It’s Sardana. In election, anybody titled their particular new Terminator plus the Metal Lady,” Fyodorov said. “She in fact is produced from iron. She simply plows using for example zero man normally imagine. Immediately after, she landed towards a great redeye journey out-of Moscow, she got outside of the airplanes in the 5:00 Are, and that i informed her, ‘I can head which city believed fulfilling during the 8:00.’ Zero, she try looking at one to planes getting seven period, and then she got here and you may ran right to brand new meeting.”

Fyodorov in hopes Meduza he has no difficult thinking in regards to the simple fact that Avksentieva got the fresh new mayor’s chair rather than him, however, the guy admitted that he however slots totally pleased with my occupations. I’m doing the thing i wished to would: economics. At this time, my personal position is definitely enough for me personally,” he said a few times while in the an interview. “Along with regards to what goes on later on, I have never ever kept my personal dreams a key, and i still have all of them – I would like to end up being gran.” Later on, catching himself, the guy added, “When the Sardana desires to stand for the next term, end up being my invitees. We are going to pick it up to each other.”

Fyodorov themselves assented with this comparison: “Sardana and i also vary, and the way guys engage collectively is different

Avksentieva by herself reiterated one to Fyodorov’s help are “absolutely essential” getting their own campaign: “None We nor Fyodorov can say exactly how many [voters] were his and just how many have been exploit.” Nevertheless, she really does accept that the new “softer characteristics” regarding their own relationship with the regional governor enabled their unique in order to profit and this brand new promotion might have been way more difficult or even. “So what can I state – they’re dudes,” she said. Easily got claimed, they’d have begun breaking down on me personally as much as they may.”

Yakutsk doesn’t forgive problems

Regional governor Aisen Nikolaev likes to declare that Yakutsk ‘s the greatest area worldwide where soil are frozen season round. One to didn’t avoid him from starting the Orthodox community out of bringing a plunge for Epiphany in town, in the event doing so towards heavy frozen level which covers new Lena Lake expected setting-up a giant hot tent as much as a hole from the frost. The brand new Epiphany ceremony is good solemn affair: this new governor is the first so you can dive during the, followed closely by authorities that rung lower in the neighborhood government.

Sardana Avksentieva and additionally wished to be involved in the brand new ceremony, but she sooner or later trapped a cooler together with to help you right back out. Vladimir Fyodorov would rather choose a different sort of baptismal font. “Really don’t such as popping in, this is just a tv show,” he said. “You will find my very own font outside of the city. My pals place it to one another, and you will I am going nowadays on the men now. We are going to for each grab a dip, take in something, consume a bit of stroganina [Siberian frozen seafood]. You are aware, simple, such as for instance regular some body, maybe not in front of the whole urban area.”

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