There are two an effective way to tell amount of time in Thai vocabulary

There are two an effective way to tell amount of time in Thai vocabulary

I do not understand. | mai kao-jai Both it’s a good idea to say it following to face here alone (otherwise build an amusing face eg I would).


It is [top-12] o’clock. | [top-24] nah-li-gah Should toss it within while we’re talking regarding quantity. Although not, the simpler ways revolves around a beneficial 24-time clock, in order enough time you may already know your quantity step one-24, you’ll be okay.

Exactly what date could it be? | gee mohng laew You can indicate their wrist otherwise say so it keywords if you need to inquire what date it is.

Meeting Someone

My name is [name]. | pohm cheu [name] / chan cheu [name] Guys say pohm for ‘I’ and you may female say chan to own ‘We.’

How are you? | koon suh-bai-dee mai You’re actually inquiring, “Could you be good?” This might be a far more formal words that will be usually made use of in the event that you haven’t viewed each other for quite some time.

What’s going on? | bpen yung-ngai bahng So it casual anticipate is used when you see people regularly. It’s hard to pronounce since there are a lot of ‘ng’s.

Where could you be out of? | koon mah jahk prah-teht ah-rai Thai everyone is usually curious understand where you’re out of.

How old will you be? | ah-yoo tao-rai It is far from unusual to be asked how old you are. Don’t be shy, it is really not thought nosey when you look at the Thai society. Thai men and women are just setting up who is elderly as a means to determine steps.


In which try ____? | ____ yoo tee-nai This will be useful if you are looking to possess an effective landmark or (whenever you are at all like me) your bathroom. Some traditional conditions to possess metropolitan areas are:

Are you experiencing Wifi? | mee wi-fi mai Whichever restaurant, cafe, or resort provides Wifi. It’s 100 % free, therefore use it! If you ask so it statement, this new Thai person who was operating will almost always direct you to the Wi-fi passport (published towards a menu, recorded on wall surface, etc).

Could you go to ____? | bai ____ dai mai This can be one of the most of use Thai phrases you can discover. Chances are you’ll need certainly to speak to your cab, tuk-tuk, otherwise songthaew rider during your excursion.


I want it. / I want one. | ao uhn nee / ao uhn nun In the place of suggest one thing, gesture having an open hand.

Do you really reduce the speed? | loht noy dai mai While you’re searching at the Thai areas and sexy cute islandian women you can strolling avenue, enjoy bartering using this type of terms.

Really don’t wanted a synthetic purse. | mai ao toong This can come in handy. Convenience areas is actually notorious to possess giving out plastic bags, even although you acquire one short product!

Simply an additional, excite. | baep dee-ao nah That is a very useful keywords to make use of whenever a street supplier is haggling with you or if a machine are hanging more your awaiting your decision. This will give you a bit and then make an alternative.

Dining out

Maybe you have used yet ,? | gin reu yung Consider, it is an arduous ‘g’ such as for instance ‘go’. Do not pronounce gin like the liquor.

I could consume hot. / I can not eat hot. | gin dogs dai / git animals mai dai Thai somebody assume that most people from other countries cannot eat hot food. Whenever you can, definitely let them know gin dogs dai to discover the real deal.

Information having Useful Thai Phrases

The good news is that you do not need to be for the Thailand or can realize or produce Thai to begin with learning to chat the text.

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