While other people mocked all of them because of it, Nono arrived and you can in person escorted these to brand new dancing

While other people mocked all of them because of it, Nono arrived and you can in person escorted these to brand new dancing

Finding a road [ ]

Another morning, Mingze turned up into the his screen and you will gave your a “cheating code” of Starcraft: Black colored sheep wall structure, informing your he had been have to it soon under control so you can unlock a map. Later on one to day, Nono dragged your on the Execution Bureau while in the an urgent situation, where he had to cooperate with other youngsters to get good way out having Ye Sheng and you may Sakatoku Aki who were trapped around off Bronze . The young was required to pay attention to draconic language and use it so you can understand a way aside.

Norma duplicated the new screen out of Starcraft for Mingfei, given that the guy didn’t can make use of the college’s machines. Remembering Mingze’s hint, he wrote “Black Sheep Wall structure” as the a cheat code and also the chart instantly materialized. For the time being, EVA challenged Mingfei in order to an effective Starcraft suits since the set of trapped representatives fled the fresh new ancient ruins and you can secured the Bronze vase that consisted of Constantine.

Prominent Anjou congratulated Lu Mingfei by way of videos conference, and you can shown their effect to the 3E try, revealing which he retained his position because a keen S-Score.

After leaving new installment, the guy seen a flock out-of doves that were put out of the chapel, signaling a death regarding school’s team. There he found Chu Zihang, whom questioned your when the he was afraid of looking your into the the fresh new sight just like you are. Mingfei as an alternative responded that individuals was in fact threatened because of the his visual appearance. Zihang proclaimed him his just deserving successor since the chairman of the Lionheart Society and you may invited him to join. The school’s paparazzi shoot all of them and you may suggested they were with an effective personal replace on their information site, pairing your with Nono too into a unique notice, far so you can Mingfei’s irritation.

Assault into college [ ]

One same night, the guy reconnected that have Old Tang to possess a fit of Starcraft whenever an e-mail out-of Nono, with respect to Caesar Gattuso, desired him toward Student Union’s ball dance. Adopting the their unique advice, Mingfei and Hand must acquire serves on crisis bar. The pair didn’t receive any dance lovers, pushing these to moving with each other. The new quiet girl throughout the 3E try, whom proved to be a talented dancer, expected Mingfei to possess a dance. As he asked for their term, she advised your to call their unique “Zero”.

Mingfei did not bow properly when they finished and you may No left this new cluster. Caesar after that turned up toward a good balcony and offered a demonstration in the Cassell youngsters, acknowledging their invitees while the best among the best and you may inviting all of them to participate brand new Scholar union, eg Lu Mingfei. But not, just before he might provide an answer, the new smartphone of any student already been ringing.

When Caesar answered the device, the latest voice of Old Tang established this new arrival from “the fresh traffic”. A team of armed mercenaries composed an explosion externally, which is viewed on screen. All of the scholar are trained so you’re able to case on their own and you can guard the school see this site. Meanwhile, Mingfei as an alternative made an effort to evacuate. Surprised because of the Nono during the his test, she asked him to adhere to her as an alternative, because will be best to have your knowing off their elderly.

Fireworks [ ]

Nono got nothing interest in doing new college’s cover. Using Bugatti Veyron one Mingfei won of Caesar, the two kept the university, ignoring the school shields. Nono asked Mingfei when planning on taking their to the top off a slope so they really may see the fresh famous people, which had been uncommon to Mingfei because try overcast you to definitely nights. She decrease sleeping in her own seat and you may Mingze got chances to help you lead to an aspiration-such as for instance vision towards the Mingfei so they really have a discussion, hence almost brought about any sort of accident.

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