Arsenio: why did I leave you for the next lady?

Arsenio: why did I leave you for the next lady?

As I was sick and tired of your, Arcadia. No, perhaps not ill, but bored, that’s, bored stiff! Because your face annoyed myself, given that life came into existence a great yawn. usually an identical comments, an equivalent as well as making like exactly the same way for twenty five years. No! Zero! Too-long! In accordance with an additional benefit. you are over, that you’re wrinkled, you are old!

This glance at is like you to conveyed inside Venezuela’s humorous television shows in which older ladies are the new ass off laughs you to examine these with their more youthful equivalents; stressing you to, due to their years, they cannot compete for men’s affections any further. This new principal take a look at is that because women age it feel ugly, bland and you may worthless. As the Lucas informs Catalina, “remind me personally tomorrow to grant a check so you can check out the doctor. did you know they give you hormonal so you’re able to female how old you are?”

Women emails on telenovela is actually acutely conscious of this social examine, and you can voice its viewpoints concerning your injustice regarding a culture inside the hence guys don’t decades, but women manage. In the a strengthening twist of your spot, Arcadia, scorned by their unique previous partner due to their ages, marries Daniel, one fifteen years more youthful than their own. Catalina, and additionally ridiculed for her years, marries Jacobo and has now a baby. Furthermore, the new love tales off Arcadia/Daniel and you may Catalina/Jacobo become lovemaking scenes because the alluring and you can tender because the those of young people. Arcadia and you can Catalina’s reports confirm middle-aged feamales in a community you to appears to have zero play with for them.

Members, however, was ambivalent concerning reports out of Arcadia and Catalina. More youthful users also expressed “disgust” that have Arcadia and you will Daniel’s ages distinction (NELLY, ANDA, MARIA, CORINA, PATRICIA, NINA). Alternatively, feminine stars was ready to find these types of tales because they feel tremendous stress so you’re able to “stay narrow and you can more youthful” for the an average you to definitely discards (or relegates so you’re able to supplementary positions) actresses who do maybe not browse younger: “for folks who look good and you may more youthful, then you may acquire some spots” (elizabeth day, this type of actors do what it takes to maintain their services, be it plastic surgery, diet or do so.

Despite the fact that admit one “Venezuelan female end up being lots of anxiety after they begin ageing” (MIRIAM), of many didn’t agree away from Arcadia’s and you will Catalina’s this new matchmaking

Into the sum, as the individuals questioned recognize new Venezuelan obsession with beauty, lela because embodiment of the fixation, and you may accept the pressure they think to seem good, participants be a little more amenable going within the blade to enhance or perpetuate the beauty than he is prepared to eliminate the latest hegemonic message one to charm ‘s the foundation from happiness.


This research highlights the new associations between community and you can news as web sites of challenge more than meanings. A symbol work is did in every second of your own circuit out of people. Development, logo, label, consumption and you can control was underpinned by Venezuelan social recommendations (Condit, 1989), and immersed in a patriarchy-controlled societal development one is conservative.

The procedure, namely brand new exchanges ranging from these times, is filled with contradictions. Such as, the writer brings a criticism away from Venezuela’s addiction to real beauty and plastic surgery; but the guy casts gorgeous female stars in the primary jobs. Quite simply, he displays role patterns, nonetheless they seem like models. For this reason, there can be a visual reinforcement of need proceed through plastic surgery as we view the complaints of such procedures. To your use front side, listeners players easily undertake new telenovela’s criticism of overuse regarding synthetic businesses, but nonetheless become forced to make use of these methods on their own. Quite simply, all of the feminine questioned, stars and you may viewers, know and you will belt to your stress out-of a culture in which the necessity of ladies’ beauty reaches mythical proportions. Likewise, Este Pais’ strengthening tales about middle-old women-Arcadia and you may Catalina-generate a combined effect on the audience: satisfaction about the way these types of women defeat its trouble, and you can disgust into their brand new matchmaking. This means that one to for many situations, new mass media text message face dilemmas whether it demands really-oriented social principles.

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