This research functioning the following qualitative look techniques: interviews, relaxed conversations, and you may observations

This research functioning the following qualitative look techniques: interviews, relaxed conversations, and you may observations

step three Methods

These methods acceptance us to end up being closely involved in individuals and operations in our data along with towards the affairs certainly one of people and personal configurations; nonetheless they invited a flexibly structured investigation you to definitely tried to grow an effective contextual insights in order to read the people in sheer settings (Bryman, 2012). Industry analysis is performed on the Vehicle Area part of Seoul, South Korea, off . The field data has regular check outs so you can Vehicles City throughout the four times a week to possess interview, casual discussions, and you will observations, including volunteer really works on a keen NGO located in the area that offers Korean code classes, medical services, and you can Korean-Arabic translations to own Syrians or other migrants close by the fresh case study area. The latest voluntary run the brand new NGO enhanced the knowledge and you can sensitivity to the positionality of one’s migrants and refugees within the Korea and you may the newest supporting solutions offered truth be told there.

This study is sold with semi-prepared interviews that have fourteen Syrians and you can around three Koreans along with casual discussions with 28 Syrians and you may Koreans in-car Area. Interview having Syrians was carried out in English, Korean, Arabic-Korean translation, otherwise Arabic-English translation, centered on each interviewee’s selection; translations had been available with interviewees’ associates. Interview was basically presented in person, with the exception of you to definitely number of several Syrian users and another class regarding about three Syrian players. Interviewees often shared the viewpoint and you will experience while in the everyday discussions prior to and pursuing the interviews; this type of casual conversations given information and you can understanding for it look alongside authoritative interviews. The research and shows the new meetings having activists in other section regarding Seoul and refugees off their nations; these group meetings as well as offered information towards existence away from Syrians inside Auto Area.

Four of one’s 14 Syrian interviewees just weren’t within the refugee otherwise humanitarian cover standing but keep Business Visa. not, the schedules and feel could not end up being famous out of those individuals away from almost every other Syrians in-car City, particularly in terms of experience protracted displacement. Like other Syrians from inside the Korea, such four cannot go back to Syria. Interviewees varied when you look at the decades using their 20s on their fifties, that have many in their 20s. Syrian interviewees are 11 dudes Islandsk kvinner for ekteskap and you may about three women. not, all the facts and you will habits intricate in this analysis incorporate generally so you’re able to Syrian men in-car Area. This is because interviewed Syrian women rarely experienced societal life with Koreans as they generally work at cleaning, as well as their life event in the Korea were not specific so you’re able to Car Urban area. Korean interviewees contained two management off NGOs enabling refugees and that entrepreneur in car Town.

Syrian interlocutors was basically asked to explain instance information since their lives trajectory both before and after the Syrian combat, feel regarding addition and you can different having Koreans, Syrians, and other Arabs. Additionally, dilemmas in life and you will dealing system, including upcoming agreements was asked. Syrian interlocutors besides requested to say their experience and you will attitude but furthermore the guidance they extracted from their friends and you may colleagues in-car Town.

Open coding try accompanied by choosy coding, and therefore provided the potential for starting kinds of and facts on the fresh new conclusions regarding the research study (Bryman, 2012)

Most interviews was basically submitted, shortly after getting informed concur, but around three interviewees preferred to not have new talk recorded. Very interviews had been used immediately following many brief talks and you may visits. To increase the latest validity of your own lookup, i used methodological triangulation: that is, numerous methods otherwise sourced elements of investigation were used make it possible for cross checking (Bryman, 2012). All the info based on findings, interviews, and you can casual discussions are consistently opposed. The latest interview transcripts and career notes was indeed several times coded to possess tall themes and you will subthemes (Charmaz, 1996). And the malfunction regarding their daily life, eg topics while the enjoy regarding discrimination and you may separation from inside the Korea, introduction and different one of Syrians, and their coping procedure was in fact endured aside.

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